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RICHESMGMT is the brainchild of Philip Riches who has worked in the fashion industry as a photographer for nearly 20 years for clients such as Loreal, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger and Viktor and Rolf.
Because of his experience as a photographer he was asked to scout models and to appear on television as a mentor for upcoming models for many years. 2 years ago he decided to pursue the idea which saw the creation of RICHESMGMT.He did not actively scout any of the models, instead it was really a chance moment that brought him and each model into contact. He realised, along with many of the top industry agents, casting directors and photographers that he has a very defined aesthetic when discovering new talent. Classically beautiful, RICHESMGMT ’boys’ could be models in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or any period. But they also still capture something very modern.

Riches career in photography gives him a wide network in the international fashion industry. Top professionals in the industry have worked with him and respect him for his talent both in photography and in model scouting. Riches career as a photographer gives him an insight into the development of a model that is very unique in the industry. He teaches and coaches the models, always being patient and encouraging to bring out the most in them. He teaches the models every aspect of the business and through this ’education’ seeks to help them develop their personalities and character, which is just as valuable when building a career.

RICHESMGMT sees the relationship built between him and the models as long lasting and a joint collaboration.